Marcus Nash

I was born and raised in Norfolk and started birdwatching here at the age of 8, which marked the start of a lifelong passion for birds and wildlife. have spent most of my time out in the field, studying birds and their behaviour, investigating different aspects of bird identification, and enjoying other wildlife. This has involved extensive travel around East Anglia, where I have developed a particular interest in how the distribution of different species has changed since I was younger.

Spring has sung!

Guest blogger Marcus Nash of The Bird ID Company guides us on the birds to spot this spring Spring is a particularly exciting time of year to visit Norfolk. Our breeding birds return from the countries where they have spent the winter and activity levels are high, with lots of singing and display, and many more species pass through on migration, on their way to their breeding grounds further north. By April the pace of migration picks up noticeably. Ring Ouzels…

April 14, 2016 , article by